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     All of our volunteer members are women   and men either in recovery or working and serving in the field of community and social services. Many are those who know what its like to go from challenges to triumphs! The main difference is consistent long-term clean time with 10 years or more with daily application of spiritual principles. For those not in recovery, they do have experience in long term goal setting and accomplishments.


    Call or visit us through any one of our social media connections and we will reach back out to you. 

    Anyone can volunteer by contacting us via email or telephone.


    Carlita S.
    New Jersey

    Over 28 years of recovery! Born and raised in  the Bronx, NY. I started my recovery process in 1992 in the city of Paterson, NJ. Hardship is light compared to the some of the tragedies I've walked through since getting clean. Daily application of spiritual principles rang true. Serving women and men in my community has been the heartbeat to my rhythm of recovery and has allowed me to walk through some of the most difficult times. Which has allowed me the privilege to walk with a diverse population of people. I knew God had called me to service in the rooms, ministry and in my community. My background was one that would allow me to both lead and follow when needed with an excellent spirit. From being a Doula (midwife/labor coach), Medial Assistant, Outreach Supervisor, to working in every rehabilitation program in the city of Paterson and abroad as I pioneered into my current position with both the County and State. Through it all, I never gave up. I developed and strengthened a personal relationship with God. It has been through each adversity faced that I have served and invested in others believing that if we KEEP WALKING somebody would make it out. I believed wholeheartedly that God and the program of recovery was the spiritual foundation needed for me personally to reach a Next Level of living! In doing so, I fought hard, kept the faith and surrendered to living a more principled life and today believe through various pathways of recovery we ALL can make it!

    Sheila A.
    New Jersey

    Sheila Addison has remained a constant presence in the Social Service industry for the last 27 years. Working with families who have been affected by homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, HIV, corrections, mental illness, at risk youth and family violence. Who better to serve a new generation of women who are affected by the woes of poverty, than someone who has devoted her life to helping those in need. Today, she serves as the Executive Director of a 6 million safe haven for women, men, and children located in Ewing, NJ. When ask what motivates her, she says, "God has blessed me, so that I can be a blessing to others." I have lived a life that has been filled with adversity, pain, triumph, joy, setbacks, failures, and Success. Getting through each and every situation came with humility, wisdom, Discipline and a desire to help others so they wouldn't have to Walk alone. GOD chose Carlita and I for his purpose and we will KeepWalking and depositing into the lives of those desiring spiritual growth and Development, continued abstinence, financial stability, entrepreneurship and self love.